On The Way Running Late: Meaning and Fixes

According to recent reports, package delivery delays have increased by more than 50% in the past year. While there are many possible explanations for this increase in delay, one of the most common causes is that packages run late due to traffic congestion.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to avoid package delivery delays altogether.

In this article, we’ll explore what Amazon “on the way, but running late” means, provide tips on handling Amazon delays, and answer other questions about Amazon running late messages. Keep reading to know more.

What Does “On The Way, But It’s Running Late” Mean?

When you receive a pop notification saying, On The Way, But It’s Running Late, the company sending your package has not fulfilled the order. Usually, they haven’t been able to send it, or there was a problem with shipping it, and some items don’t get through customs.

Why IS My Package Stuck on the Way, But Running Late?

If your package is stuck on the way but running late, you might be wondering what the reason might be; as previously mentioned, some of the reasons might be from your shipping company or the firm shipping the product. Other reasons include:

1. Transport Issues

There are many instances when companies cannot ship packages due to specific systems being out of communication with one another or independently.

2. Weather Conditions

Weather conditions are a significant setback and can be responsible for your package running late. Weather conditions such as storms and hurricanes often slow down shipping companies. When this happens, your order time can be impacted because the shipping company may find it difficult to reach its destination due to the weather elements.

3. Third-Party Seller Timelines

Many third-party sellers sell on Amazon.

If you order from third-party sellers, the timelines for manufacturing and shipping vary from that of Amazon’s standard timelines. This might cause your order to still be stuck on the way but running late.

4. Shipping Strikes

When worker strikes occur, Amazon must suspend package delivery for a few days. In turn, shipping may be delayed if you order during this period of economic turmoil.

5. High Volume Orders

If you order multiple items at a time, your order may be delayed. Additionally, all the products must be ready to ship before they can ship to you.

6. Your Package Was Not Scanned

If your package was not correctly scanned at the last USPS shipping or sorting depot, it might not delay your package delivery time, but you might get the same notification.

7. Your Package Was Lost in Transit 

If your package were lost in transit, your order would be delayed, and you will be eligible for a refund from the Amazon retail store or the shipping company you used in shipping your package.

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Fixes for Amazon Package Running Late

If you have received an Amazon package and it is running late, there are a few things you can do to ensure that the package arrives on time. Here are some solutions for Amazon packages running late:

1. Check the estimated delivery date and time. This is usually located on the product detail page or your order confirmation email from Amazon. 

This information will tell you when the package is estimated to arrive. If the package has not arrived by the estimated delivery date and time, then contact Amazon customer service.

2. Double-check your address. Make sure that the address that you provided to Amazon is correct. If it is not, then Amazon may not be able to deliver your package.

3. Contact amazon customer service if your package has not arrived by its estimated delivery date and time or if it has been delivered to a different location than what you provided as your address.

Note: Amazon will try to deliver your package three times on consecutive days. If the third delivery attempt is still unsuccessful, you will receive a refund from Amazon. 

How to File an Amazon Late Delivery Complaint

You must file a complaint about your late delivery with customer service to inform the company about the situation. You should not expect any sort of compensation for this. 

 Here is how to file a complaint: 

  • Access the Amazon contact us page
  • Click on “Order I Placed”
  • Select your order
  • Select problem with the order
  • Choose shipping or delivery issues
  • Select shipment is late

You will be able to chat with Amazon customer service to proceed with your complaint.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Get a Refund for My Product’s Late Delivery?

You will be refunded if a retailer cannot deliver your package when promised. It is their responsibility to refund customers their money in full. Also, if the package finally arrived late and the customer was required to pay for extra delivery, the customer can request a partial refund. 

How Late Might Deliveries from Amazon arrive?

Delivery windows are from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. local time. Except when your delivery is planned or requires a signature, Amazon drivers will only ring the doorbell, knock on the door, or personally contact you to make the delivery between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. local time.

Does Amazon Refund Stolen Packages?

Amazon has a strict policy against package theft and offers an A-to-Z Guarantee Protection for eligible items. If you believe your package has been stolen, you can file a claim with Amazon, and they will investigate the matter. 

In most cases, Amazon will refund your purchase price, including shipping costs.

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Final thoughts

It is not unusual to experience shipping delays with Amazon; your package may arrive on time even after receiving this notification. So, you might need to be patient before filing a complaint or requesting a refund. 

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