Label Created Not Yet in System Meaning and Fixes

Have you ever seen the “Label Created Not Yet in System” tracking status? Yes? It’s a curious thing and can be annoying too. In this post, you will learn the status, Label Created Not Yet in System, and how to fix this problem.

“Label Created Not Yet in System” is a tracking update that means a label for your package has been made but has not yet been included on any shipping manifest (indicating that your parcel has not been received by the shipping company yet). 

Why This Update?

This tracking status usually indicates that the shipper created the shipping label online and paid the postage for the shipment but that the package has not yet been shipped. 

It could also mean that the package has been shipped but has not yet been scanned into the USPS tracking system. 

Yes, it is not the most descriptive tracking status update in the world, but the “Label Created Not Yet in System” update is one of the most frequent and common tracking updates. 

Luckily, you do not need someone to translate this to understand the terminology shared on your tracking information – not after you use the inside information included below.

Anytime a new shipping label is created and not yet uploaded into the shipping company’s infrastructure, this is usually the kind of status update that will show on your tracking information.

You might also find this status update if the shipping company you want to ship your package with creates an itinerary and a label for your parcel but does not scan it into their database immediately. 

Since the United States Postal Service and other shipping companies started allowing customers to set up and print their shipping labels, this label has become quite widespread.

Individuals who run their e-commerce operations and have dedicated shipping facilities may likely provide tracking information to their customers with this status update.

This doesn’t happen all the time, though, as organizations like USPS, FedEx, and UPS usually scan tracking information immediately after it is created. 

At the end of the day, this update means that a label has been created but is not yet in the company’s database. 

Why a Label Has Been Made But Package Hasn’t Been Shipped

There are various reasons a shipping label may have been created. Still, a package has not been uploaded into the shipping company’s system yet, and we are about to find them out. A few reasons for this occurrence may be;

  • An independent or individual shipper created the label, and the package has not yet been handed off to the shipping company.

NOTE: Third-party shipping platforms allow individuals and/or small businesses to generate shipping labels for their products.

  • Sometimes this tracking status will show up even when packages have begun their journey at a shipping company. This happens when USPS, FedEx, and UPS workers do not immediately scan newly created shipping labels into the system. 
  • Other times, the tracking infrastructure and database are a little bit delayed, and this causes this message to come up even after a package has been scanned and received by a shipping company.

NOTE: These kinds of issues are rare, but the tracking information will eventually become accurate as soon as the database is updated.

The Problems With the “Label Created Not Yet in System” Update

Of course, there are problems associated with whatever is causing the delay in expected results. 

Well, in this case (like a few others), it is not something that you may be able to control. Let us look at them now; 

One frustrating thing about this “Label Created Not Yet and System” tracking information is that there is no straightforward way to know when the tracking status will be updated.

You will also be unable to know when your package will start to move on its journey to its final destination.

The only thing you can know with this tracking information is that the information for a package to be shipped has been received. You do not know if the package itself has been physically handed off to start moving, and this is all one can know.

The “Package Accepted” and “In Transit” Tracking Updates 

Other tracking updates follow the “Label Created Not Yet in System” update, telling you that your shipping label has been created. Still, the information has yet to be uploaded into the database of the shipping company. 

In this subheading, we will look at two of those updates.

Package Accepted

This is the most common update you’ll get after the “Label Created Not Yet in System” has been fixed (especially when this package is being shipped via USPS).

It means that the United States Postal Service has received and accepted your package for delivery. 

In this case, either a USPS mail carrier had gone out to collect the package directly, or the package (with the premade shipping label) was dropped off at a local USPS post office.

In essence, the “Package Accepted” update informs you that the label information has been handed off to the shipping company, that the package has been scanned, and that the parcel will be on the move soon.

In Transit: 

“In Transit” updates are usually not the most useful of updates. They are generally not tied to location data to let you know how far along your shipment has come. However, isn’t this update better than the “Label Created Not Yet in System” update?

In these circumstances, shipping companies do not individually scan the package that has been dropped off or picked up by a shipping agent. This is what brings about the “In Transit” update. 

The “In Transit” update highlights the first time a package was scanned and shared information about how the package is moving through the shipment process.

How to Fix The “Label Created Not Yet in System” Update 

Has your tracking information shown you “Label Created Not Yet in System” for several days? Do not fret. There are ways you can fix that problem. Let us see them below;

  • Reach out to the people that created your shipping details.
  • If your tracking status remains like this for longer than two business days, do contact your seller to confirm if they have dropped your package off with the Carrier. 

With the help of these people you have contacted, your tracking status may change for the better. 


The “Label Created Not Yet in System” is a tracking update which means that a label for your package has been created but has not been included on any shipping manifest yet.

The next updates to show after these are “Package Accepted” or “In Transit.” Contact the appropriate people you have this business with to fix this problem. 

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