What is Route Package Protection?

While most shipments arrive on time and in good condition, there are always risks associated with shipping items. Nowadays, more customers feel at ease purchasing expensive goods through eCommerce, making a possible loss an undesirable outcome that might harm your brand’s reputation. 

If the thought of your merchandise being stolen, lost, or damaged by a courier makes you uneasy, you might want to know what Route Package Protection means and how to leverage its benefits.

What Exactly Is Route Package Protection?

Route Package Protection is a service that can cover you when your shipment is damaged, lost, or stolen in transit. To be safe against any last-minute difficulties, you can add Route Package Protection to your orders for a fee at checkout. 

Through their user-friendly phone app, Route makes this process considerably more straightforward than the “traditional” method. You may use the Route App to effortlessly submit a claim to their team and visually track all of your shipments in one location. The real-time shipment updates from Route keep you informed at every stage of your delivery, whether you’re monitoring online or through the Route App.

Just keep in mind that you can choose not to use this coverage at any point before your purchase obtains a tracking number or during the checkout process.

The “traditional” claims process, which involves using a courier service, occasionally takes many weeks to complete. This resolution time is significantly reduced by using Route since, depending on the kind of claim, their typical resolution time ranges from 24 hours to at least 7 days.

How Does Route Work?

If your Route-protected order is ever stolen, lost, or damaged, Route’s knowledgeable support staff works to ensure that it is refunded or replaced as desired. No police reports are necessary, and claims will be assessed for approval within 1-2 working days after submission.  

Route Package Protection covers the subtotal of the purchase, the Route premium, shipping expenses, and taxes when replacing an item. However, this service will only cover the subtotal of the order when refunding an item. It is essential to note that Route doesn’t cover customs or duty fees. 

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When Should I File A Claim?

Marked As Delivered (Stolen)

  • Claim reviews will take place five and fifteen calendar days after the item is marked delivered.
  • Kindly note that before any resolution can be made for orders exceeding $100, the client must submit a police report. 

Stuck In Transit (Lost)

  • Claim reviews for domestic orders will occur no sooner than seven calendar days and no later than thirty days after the last update. The maximum filing period is 60 days from the date of the order. Claims for overseas orders will be examined within 20 and 30 calendar days of the most recent update, respectively. The maximum filing period is 60 days from the date of the order.

Damaged (If Route Insurance Is Purchased)

  • Claims for damaged goods must be made no later than 15 days after the product was labeled delivered, and they require images of the packing and the damaged item(s).

All of Route’s policies are listed here.

How Can I Make A Claim For My Stolen, Damaged, or Lost Order?

If you included Route Package Protection and your box arrived damaged, with missing products, or did not arrive at all, you could be confident that Route’s staff will be there to assist you at every stage. 

You need to Inform Route of the problem so they can assist in kicking up the claims process and finding a swift solution. You’ll get a confirmation email from Route with a link to report a delivery problem if you insure your item with Route Protect at the time of purchase. 

Additionally, you may report a shipment issue online or using the Route app. You will need the email address linked with the order in addition to your Route ID number or order number to submit a claim.

However, before you file a claim, it is vital to understand what Route considers lost, damaged, or stolen.


A damaged package is a broken item that is useless, plainly cracked, shattered, bent (if bendable), crushed, and so on. Route excludes coverage for aesthetic (scratches, dents, etc.) damage, manufacturer errors, packaging mistakes, and unsealed goods. Depending on the extent of the aesthetic damage, Route may issue a 15–30% refund at their discretion. Route demands further proof of the damaged product from the consumer (i.e., photos or videos)


Orders are considered lost when the status is not marked as “delivered” 48hours after the expected delivery date. When an order is split up into numerous shipments, and one of the packages is missing, Route will take care of the problem, place a new order, or reimburse the cost of the missing box.


Route considers orders that have been listed as “delivered” but have not been received to be stolen. Route demands proof of the police report for orders above $100. The customer needs to report the theft of their package to the police explaining that Route Package Protection covers it. Once submitted, the customer sends Route the PDF copy and order issue of the police report. Route may seek more documents upon request (e.g., proof of identity, address, etc.).

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Do I Need to Pay for the Route App?

There are no costs or subscriptions attached to using the Route app. Route provides the following two services: 

Route Tracker. A free tool for monitoring orders and packages provides a handy way to keep track of your online purchases.

Route Package Protection. When you purchase from a retailer that Route works with, you will be given a choice to add Route Package Protection during the checkout process. A modest one-time fee will be added to your order as a result. With this package insurance, you may file a claim at claims.route.com if your shipment is damaged, stolen, or lost during shipping. Following a review of your complaint by Route, if accepted, your order will be refunded or replaced at no additional cost to you!

Bottom Line

Many businesses requiring shipping valuables are now linked with Route Package Protection to bring customers greater safety, confidence, and insurance. The shipping insurance provider Route provides total coverage for orders and shipments. To be prepared for any last-minute difficulties, just add Route Package Protection to your cart before you checkout.

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