Uber X vs XL Differences

You most likely use Uber or Lyft when you need an on-demand ride. With rideshare services, you can take out your phone, press a few buttons, and a private driver will arrive at your location in a few minutes. Additionally, there are more options for the size and luxury of the vehicle, and the cost is less than what you would pay for a taxi.

However, the variety of options offered by rideshare services can also be perplexing. Most riders find it hard to differentiate the two popular services offered by Uber: UberX and UberXL. Which one fits your needs the best?

We’ll compare the two in terms of cost, vehicle type, passenger capacity, and other factors. You’ll have all the information required to select Uber options that suit your needs by the end of this article.

UberX Overview

UberX is Uber’s flagship, regular service. It provides private, cozy sedans with space enough for four passengers at prices lower than cab fares. It’s accessible in every market in the US and is the most common Uber option for passengers and drivers.

An UberX ride is usually what you’ll get if you access the Uber app in its default settings and request a ride.

UberXL Overview

UberXL is very similar to UberX but with more oversized vehicles. When you order an UberXL, you’ll receive a van or SUV that can accommodate up to six people. But you’re not just restricted to passengers. If you need to move luggage or other bulky items that won’t fit in an UberX ride, UberXL can save the day. While prices will remain reasonable, the extra space will cost more.

UberX and UberXL Comparison

Now that you know the fundamental differences between UberX and UberXL let’s compare the two services based on various factors. Availability, price, accessibility, vehicle type, passenger capacity, and overall experience will all be considered.


When it comes to cost, UberX and UberXL are both excellent choices. But as you might expect, UberXL will be a little more expensive, given the additional capacity. We considered a hypothetical trip in New York City between Central Park and the Statue of Liberty to highlight the cost differences. An UberX ride for this route will likely cost you $35.04. The estimated fare for an UberXL traveling the same route and leaving at the same time is $49.04. 

Of course, this does not imply that UberXL will always be 1.4 times more expensive than UberX. 

The exact costs depend on your location, the time of day, the amount of traffic, the applicable price SURGE, the distance you’re traveling, and any applicable local regulations.


Both UberX and UberXL offer the same level of accessibility. Depending on your situation, you may have different accessibility requirements. It might be simpler for some riders with mobility issues to enter and exit a van than a sedan (or vice versa).

However, Uber mandates that all of its drivers provide the highest level of accessibility to passengers with disabilities. You can ride with a service animal or mobility equipment in an Uber, and any attempt by an Uber driver to stop you from doing so is illegal.

It is advisable to check UberWAV if you’re looking for a car that will fit your wheelchair or scooter and a driver who is trained to be able to help people with disabilities (available in select cities).

Passenger Capacity

The winner, in this case, is UberXL, which can accommodate up to six people.

But there are other factors at play with UberXL. If you’re traveling with a huge family or a big group of pals, you can utilize UberXL. However, it can be beneficial for bringing a lot of stuff to or from the airport.

You may use the extra space if you’re moving and need a cheaper, on-demand option to transfer your goods. Just be sure to notify your driver after you’ve requested the transport, and remember that the driver is (most likely) not a skilled mover.


If you pull out your phone, open the Uber app, and search for both UberX and UberXL rides, which are you more likely to be able to find?

UberX is the clear winner because more cars on the road meet the UberX vehicle requirements. Fewer people drive vans and SUVs, which equates to a smaller supply of UberXL vehicles.

That being said, fewer Uber riders are using UberXL (since the average person isn’t usually traveling with a large group of people or lots of cargo).

However, you wouldn’t have any trouble finding an UberXL ride. Just be aware that you may have to wait a bit longer for one than UberX, which has the largest supply of vehicles.

Vehicle Type

How do the cars in UberX and UberXL differ from one another? The most apparent distinction is that UberXL rides will be SUVs or vans with seating for up to six people. While it is occasionally possible to get a pickup truck or another type of vehicle, UberX vehicles typically are sedans. 

You check Uber list of vehicles for various rides.

Bottom Line

Eventually, you will have to decide which option is best for your needs. If you’re unsure, just request a ride and give your driver a call to learn more about their car’s capabilities and features. You can cancel the request without incurring fees if you do so soon after requesting it if it turns out it isn’t a good fit. 

It’s better to tell your driver what you need upfront than to wait for them to arrive and discover they won’t have space for your five friends. Whatever you do, avoid trying to save money by packing a vehicle with more passengers than is permitted. Not only is this disrespectful to your driver, but

Besides being disrespectful to your driver, this is also dangerous and against the law. Just pay a few extra dollars for an UberXL to save yourself time and hassle.

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