FedEx Tracking Not Updating Causes and Fixes

FedEx Tracking is essential for keeping tabs on your packages as they make their way from your door to the recipients. Unfortunately, many customers have reported that their tracking information hasn’t been updated promptly, causing significant problems. This article will outline the causes of FedEx tracking not updating and offer possible solutions.

What is FedEx Tracking, and Why Is It Important?

FedEx Tracking is a service that allows customers to track the progress of their packages. 

When you order a package through FedEx, the FedEx team takes care of everything from packing and shipping your item to ensuring it arrives on time. However, even with all our efforts, there are times when something goes wrong. That’s where FedEx Tracking comes in handy. With tracking information available online or through the app, you can easily see where your package is and whether

FedEx tracking is a great way to keep tabs on your packages traveling from point A to point B. FedEx will send periodic updates about your package’s location and status when tracking is enabled.

This information can be beneficial if something goes wrong with your shipment – you’ll know immediately what happened and where to look for it.

Additionally, tracking can FedEx will send you periodic updates about your package’s location and status when tracking is enabled, a valuable tool for managing your shipping costs. Knowing where your package has been and how much it has cost you, you can make more informed decisions about where to ship your packages next time.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using FedEx tracking: You’ll need to have the FedEx account number for both the receiving and sending addresses.

Additionally, you’ll need to set up tracking on the sending address before shipment – this process varies depending on the type of shipment (e.g., mail or package).

Finally, ensure that you’re providing accurate and updated shipping information in the “Comments” field of the FedEx tracking form – FedEx doesn’t track shipments that don’t have this information filled out!

Causes for FedEx Tracking Not Updating

There could be many reasons why the tracking is not updated. In some cases, it might be an issue with the FedEx system. If you’ve tried contacting FedEx and the delivery company but haven’t gotten a response, you might need to look into other alternatives for tracking the package.

It’s also possible that your shipment has a problem, such as an incorrect address or being stuck in transit. Ask them directly to see if the sender or recipient has additional information.

Shipping labels and packages are scanned many times between pickup and delivery. Scans are carried out at various intervals, and it’s not unusual for delivery to travel more than 24 hours without updating the tracking system while en route to its final destination. This is especially true while traveling for extended periods. 

Although it might seem like your package is standing still, it is actually moving to the location where it will be handled and/or delivered.

Rarely, a shipment may not be scanned because a driver was careless. For example, a driver might not scan shipments because they are extremely busy to save time. Again, if this occurs, the tracking data won’t show that the item is moving, even though it is.

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FedEx Tracking Not Updating Fixes

FedEx tracking not updating is a common issue that can significantly affect shipping efficiency and tracking information. Here are some tips to fix the problem and improve tracking information:

1. Make sure your shipping information is correct. The FedEx tracking system relies on accurate shipping information to create accurate tracking information. Ensure you enter all your details correctly, including your ship-to address, transit time, and package weight.

2. Check your email account for updates. If you’re using an email account like Gmail or Yahoo, your FedEx tracking may not update automatically. If you don’t see any updates in your email account, check to ensure you’ve entered all your information correctly in the FedEx tracking system. Sometimes missing details (like an incorrect ship-to address) can prevent your package from being appropriately tracked.

3. Try enabling automatic updates. Sometimes the FedEx tracking system won’t update automatically even if all your information is correct. If this is the case for you, try enabling automatic updates in the FedEx tracking system by going to My Account > Settings > Updates & Security. If this doesn’t work, contact FedEx customer service for more help.

4. Contact FedEx customer service if the tracking still isn’t updating. If you’ve tried all of the tips above and still haven’t been able to get your tracking information updated, it may be time to contact FedEx customer service. They may be able to help you resolve the issue and improve your shipping efficiency.

FedEx Says My Package Is Delivered, But I Can’t Find It

There could be several reasons if you’ve received an email notification that your package has been delivered but can’t find it. First, ensure you’ve looked in all of the common places where packages are typically left – like beneath your porch or in the front yard. Next, check with your neighbors to see if they’ve seen anything unusual around your address recently. Finally, consider filing a “lost package” on the FedEx website.

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How long does it take FedEx to update tracking information?

FedEx’s tracking system updates in real-time, scanning packages and updating information at every step as they arrive and leave different FedEx locations. It may take up to 24 hours after the shipping label has been generated before tracking information is updated.

What causes delays in FedEx delivery?

In the case of a storm or other disrupting event, shipments may be delayed due to inbound and outbound delivery. Traffic accidents in remote areas or along scenic highways may occur, as well as emergencies during the holidays.

How reliable is FedEx tracking?

FedEx uses machine learning technology and invests in it to become more accurate with their tracking. Eventually, once they have enough data, you can estimate when a package will come before ordering merchandise.


Although it is typical for FedEx customers to believe that their tracking information is not being updated, this is rarely a reason for alarm. Usually, shipments are on the right track but haven’t been scanned, making it seem like they’re not moving when, in reality, they are.

But if you haven’t heard anything after several days, call FedEx customer support.

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