What is USPS Parcel Select Ground?

Hello there, today we will talk about USPS’ Parcel Select Ground service. In this piece, we’ll look through the Parcel Select service and understand the difference between Parcel Select and Retail Ground.

USPS Parcel Select Ground is the cheapest way to ship large packages that do not weigh more than 70 lbs in the domestic U.S. 

It is also one of the slowest, as packages are delivered between 2-8 business days. However, Parcel Select does not guarantee delivery dates.

What is USPS Parcel Select Ground? 

Parcel Select (Ground) is a low-cost service that delivers or ships bulk packages to their destination. 

It is a good option for online merchants looking for a cheap way to ship heavy or large packages. 

These packages are shipped using the Postal Service’s standard ground delivery service. 

Parcel Select is USPS’ trademark name for the shipments of bulk packages. Bulk shipments are considered to be more than 50 packages.

To deliver packages using Parcel Select Ground, make sure to book your Parcel Select Ground shipments online with the help of an authorized USPS business partner or a PC Postage-approved vendor. After that, you should drop off your packages at; 

  • DBMC – Destination Bulk Mail Center
  • DSCF – Destination Sectional Center Facility
  • DDU – Destination Delivery Unit

USPS Parcel Select Ground delivers within and around the U.S. but not internationally.

Rates of charges for this service are calculated using the weight of the package, dimensions of parcels (over one cubic foot has an additional charge), and distance traveled.

NOTE! Distance is determined using zones. The first three digits of the zip code tell if one is shipping locally. 

With this service, you can track delivery for free. You can’t mail restricted, prohibited, or hazardous materials.

It is an excellent choice for people short on money and long on time.

Downsides to Parcel Select 

The USPS Parcel Select service has longer transit times, which means higher risks. 

The chances of packages being handled roughly while making their way to a recipient are high. This makes it important to pack and seal packages properly.

This service does not have a return option. Other perks (or downsides) of using this option include the following:

  • Signature confirmation
  • Adult signature
  • Discounted retail pricing
  • Additional confirmation options are provided with extra fees

Different USPS Parcel Select Services

Let us look at the various ways one can make use of the USPS Parcel Select Services below;

The Parcel Select Ground offers different service options, specific requirements, and a standard set of rates. They are;

  • Parcel Select Ground: 

This service is particularly for online postage customers with no minimum package thresholds.

  • Parcel Select Ground (NDC Presort): 

This service comes with a minimum requirement of 50 Parcel Select Ground pieces. The packages are usually pre-sorted to select the NDC/ASF destinations.

  • Parcel Select Ground (Destination Entry): 

Similar to the NDC Presort, this service has a minimum requirement of 50 Parcel Select Ground pieces.

  • Parcel Select Ground (ONDC Presort): 

This also comes with the same minimum requirements as NDC Presort and Destination Entry.  

  • Parcel Select Ground (Lightweight): 

This service aims at merchants with packages that weigh less than 1lb. It is also subject to a certain volume.

NOTE! Things would be much easier and cheaper if you use one of the USPS Parcel Select Package options. You can pick a service that suits your needs, and you’re good to go. 

Comparing Parcel Select and Retail Ground

Let us compare the two USPS Ground services to know their differences. They do sound similar, but there is surely some difference that we should point out.

  • USPS Retail Ground is Only Accessible at the Post Office or the USPS Website.
  • Parcel Select is Cheaper than Retail Ground: this is a great difference between Retail and Parcel Select. 

In some cases, it is known to be up to 43% cheaper than Retail Ground rates at the top end.

This is because USPS offers Parcel Select Ground service to shippers who have access to special Commercial Pricing rates. 

  • The USPS Parcel Select Service can only be purchased online.
  • The USPS Retail Ground is used by regular shippers looking for an affordable delivery cost. At the same time, the USPS Parcel Select is preferred for shippers that send heavy and large shipments. 
  • For the delivery duration, both shipping options have a similar time frame for delivering your items (both 2-8 days). USPS Parcel Select and Retail Ground take around two to eight days to have your packages shipped to their location.
  • However, the Parcel Select delivery time is not guaranteed. 

Why Parcel Select Service?

From what you have read, the USPS Parcel Select Service is for people (merchants or ordinary individuals) who want to ship or deliver large or heavy packages at cheaper rates. 

Other USPS services are cheap and affordable, but this service is by far the cheapest option on the menu. 

A merchant considering his business may not want to use the Priority Mail Express service, which is the fastest delivery service on USPS and not nearly as cheap as Parcel Select Ground. 

This would be the same for other services, too. 

This service is majorly for people who have a lot of time to get their packages brought to them, on their hands. 

They have no deadline to which they must meet, and as such, are not in so much hurry to get their parcels. However, as humans, anxiety might grow if the arrival of packages is delayed for too long.

This is where this information becomes important: the delivery time for Parcel Select Ground is not guaranteed.  

One might think, “why not use Retail Ground Service instead?”. 

From what has been written above, the difference is in the price it takes to get packages delivered with either service and in Parcel Select Ground’s ability to carry heavy packages. 

They take around the same time to deliver products, but Parcel Select is cheaper. It depends on what an individual wants. 

So, in essence, The USPS Parcel Select Ground service is aimed at merchants and individuals who want a cheap shipping system for large or heavy packages. 

Large or heavy packages do not mean packages over 70 lbs or a cubit. There are weight and dimensional restrictions. 

So, suppose you’re thinking of shipping something over the standard weight and dimensions. In that case, you should also consider paying more than you think you would. 

Also, the farther your goods go, the higher your pay. So, endeavor to drop off your packages closer to their destinations. 


USPS Parcel Select Ground is the cheapest way to ship large packages that do not weigh more than 70 lbs in the U.S. It is also one of the slowest, as packages are delivered between 2-8 business days.

The difference between Parcel Select Ground service and Retail Ground service is price and a few other factors. 

Parcel Select Ground’s delivery time is not guaranteed. Late deliveries may happen.  Higher transit times may mean higher risks to packages. Seal your packages well. 

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