What Does Package Acceptance Pending Mean? 

It can be confusing when you see the message “Package Acceptance Pending” on your tracking information for your package. At first glance, that statement could mean your parcel is pending and is held down for some reason. Let us go further.

Package Acceptance Pending implies that your package has been accepted and is undergoing further scan before it is handed to the courier services. 

So, this information isn’t meant for you to get worked up over. Your items are not held down anywhere and are being prepared to be sent to you. 

“Package Acceptance Pending” Meaning

This means that the label for your package has been generated but is yet to be scanned. This is the first step to package delivery in postal services. 

“Package Acceptance Pending” is received when you expect a package from USPS or any other postal service. 

This is an attempt on the part of the postal service to keep you posted on the progress of your package delivery. You can decide to take further action if your package is taking too long to arrive

It also means that your package will be given to the main package courier for house delivery. When the scanning is done, you will get the next update, “fully accepted.” 

Most postal services say, “Shipment received, package acceptance pending.” This is to prompt you that your package has been received by the postal service and is pending approval. 

At this stage, your items are sorted and ready to be scanned. You don’t need to work yourself up when you see this, and it only means that the customer care of USPS is working. 

Before now, customers often complained of irregular delivery of their packages. And so, the postal services decided to keep customers updated on the progress of their parcels. 

When your package is approved, which shouldn’t take more than five days, your items will be on the way. It could take a day, two days, or even three days for your package to be approved. 

“Package acceptance pending” notification is only a means of giving you an estimate of the duration your package will be on the road. 

Suppose you can accurately track every notification sent by USPS. In that case, you can determine when your package is arriving. 

USPS Customer Care

Most times, the United State Postal Service (USPS) is responsible for the postal activity of the items you buy. They accept your package and notify you of the state of your package until it gets to you. 

They are responsible for placing labels on your package before handing it to the main package courier. USPS will keep you updated until your package gets to you. 

The workers of USPS are responsible for regulating all that happens to your items until they get to you. But, you will not be given a guarantee on when your package is arriving. 

This is because of some logistics. Many things can delay the arrival of your goods, like a USPS staff missing your package while scanning others. 

Sometimes, your package could go missing, and you would have to wait weeks before that is sorted. Sometimes, the wrong item could be packaged for you.

This cannot be ruled out since humans are responsible for package scanning and packaging. The first notification, “package acceptance pending,” will let you know when and if your package is being delayed. 

When Should You Contact USPS Customer Care?

Ideally, the “package acceptance pending” notification is supposed to be followed by other notifications before the package gets to you. 

You will receive the “fully accept” notification informing you that your package has moved to the next delivery stage. 

You should contact the USPS customer care service when the “package acceptance pending” remains for more than five days. 

Your package is not supposed to remain in the first delivery stage for up to 5 days on a normal occasion. This can mean many things, and I’ve listed a few of the causes in the previous paragraphs. 

You can immediately contact the USPS customer care service here when you are sure that your package is being delayed. 

Contact the customer care service of any postal service you use when your delivery notification hasn’t changed from “package acceptance pending” to “fully accept” in 5 days. 

If you don’t do anything about your package after five days, you may lose your package, or it may take a longer time to receive it. 

Another thing that can delay the delivery of your package is the courier service used for the delivery of your package. 

When the credibility and efficiency of the courier service are not trustworthy, you may need to worry when your package doesn’t get to you on time. 

At this stage, you will know if the delay is caused by the courier service or the USPS when you are updated about the next delivery phase. Suppose you receive the second notification after receiving the “package acceptance pending” message. In that case, it means that the courier service causes the delay. 


Package acceptance pending simply means that your items are received at the postal service, and they are getting ready to scan your package and send it to you through a package courier service. 

It would be best if you weren’t bothered at all because this notification will only stay for about 1 or 2 days before you receive the next report for your package delivery. You will be updated until your package gets to you.

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