What is Click and Ship USPS?

Click and Ship USPS is available to ease the stress of going to the postal office for your package delivery services. With the use of Click and Ship, the task of going to the post office is canceled.

Click and Ship USPS is an online shipping service used for free package delivery arrangement, payment, and printing of shipping labels from the comfort of the home.

What Click And Ship USPS is All About

In this 21st century, it is pertinent that everything is made easy for people. That is why Click, and Ship USPS is necessary if you want your postal activities easy for yourself. 

With Click and Ship USPS, you can arrange and track your package delivery from the comfort of your home without moving an inch. 

This service is free in the US, and you only need a few things to start enjoying the service. 

To use Click and Ship USPS, you must add your priority mail and express mail packages in arranging your package online. 

Using Click and Ship USPS entails that you are enjoying regular insurance fees, and you do not have to spend as much as you pay for virtual delivery. 

You also can enjoy coverage of up to $200 when you use this service. You have the privilege of minimal spending. 

Simply put, with Click and Ship USPS, you are guaranteed peace of mind that your package will surely get to you because you can track it personally. 

Most important is the fact that you don’t have to stress. Everything is made easy for you, and you arrange for your package while working in the office or at home. 

Click and Ship USPS is available in the postal service carrier pickup option when you have to order your package in the USPS postal service. 

At that stage, you can opt-in for the free package delivery pickup from your home or your office. Everything is standardized, and you enjoy the same services when you opt for any other option. 

When you opt-in for Click and Ship USPS in the postal service delivery pickup, you will get the same services as other options, only that you’ll get to do this from your home. 

What You Can Do With Click and Ship USPS

There are a lot of things that you can do with the Click and Ship USPS postal service. Remember, you are doing all of these from your home or office. 

Order Pc Postage Labels on usps.com

This is getting your package labels from the official website of USPS without leaving your home or office.

With this service, you can purchase your pc postage ® Labels from the website of the USPS and stamp them on your packages before sending them for delivery. 

You are at liberty to get as many as you want according to your package, and you have permission to do so. 

You Can Pay For Postage With Any Major Credit Card

The USPS service is aware of how tasking it can be to make online payments, especially when your payment option isn’t available.

For Click and Ship USPS, you are at liberty to make payments for your postage with any valid credit card. That’s pretty easy and stress-free. 

If you haven’t done so, you should already be gearing towards opting in for this service because you will enjoy using it. 

Calculate and Compare Rates

This is another major service you can carry out using the Click and Ship USPS postal service. 

You have the opportunity of calculating and comparing the rates by yourself. With this, you know exactly the weight of your package and what it will cost for the postal delivery. 

If you ever doubted the USPS rate calculation, you can check it for yourself and compare it. 

Standardize Your Addresses

With the right address, your package gets to you or the address you deliver it to without stress. 

The Click and Ship USPS offers you the opportunity to standardize your addresses and take responsibility for any mix-up in terms of address placement. 

That shouldn’t get you scared. You’ll take the time to do right in standardizing your addresses. 

Find A Zip Code

With a zip code, the postal service can easily locate your address and get your package to you in no time. 

If you’re ordering the package to another address aside from yours, you can use the Click and Ship USPS to find the right zip code for that address. 

These and many more can be done using the Click and Ship USPS from home or office. 

How to Get Started

It is easy to start using the Click and Ship USPS postal service. You need a few things for that. 

First, you need to know how it works and exactly what you have done by reading this article. You are free to check for further details on the USPS website. 

After that, you must get basic facilities in your home or office. 

  1. Get an internet connection, an office or home pc, and you also need a laser or quality inkjet printer. These are the basic things you need to start using the Click and Ship USPS postal service from your home. 
  2. The next thing to do is print labels, paper, or glued tape for your package. You can do that using the facilities above. 
  3. After stamping your package with the labels, you can go ahead and weigh it using your office/home scale or order one with an easy link from the postal store if you don’t have any. 

After carrying out the above process, you can use the postal service to deliver your package. Don’t forget that Click and Ship USPS is 100% free. 


With Click and Ship USPS postal service, you can prepare and ship your package from home without paying anything extra. 

It is a free service that offers you the peace of mind you desire without any charges. Although Click and Ship USPS doesn’t have much payment difference from the regular postal service, it has some discounts and is easy to use. 

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