What Time Does USPS Deliver?

If you have been wondering about USPS delivery time, sit tight! Today, I am going to answer all your questions. You will get to know the different USPS services, delivery times for each service, how to send emails and packages, and the factors that may affect the delivery time of packages. 

USPS delivers packages and mail in an average duration of 3 – 6 working days. Mail delivery takes about 1 – 5 days, and for packages, delivery takes up to 2 – 8 days. For international delivery, times may vary by shipping service from 1 – 3 days. 

What is USPS? 

USPS, also known as The United States Postal Service, is an independent government agency of the United States. It carries out all postal service responsibilities in the U.S. 

Geographically and volume-wise, USPS is one of the world’s largest postal systems, delivering about 47% of the world’s mail.

Their Sunday deliveries are available only on Amazon. 

USPS Services And Delivery Time

In this subheading, let us look at the USPS mail and package services and their delivery times. 

  • Priority Mail Express

This next-day delivery is available to most U.S. addresses with a money-back guarantee. It is the USPS’ fastest domestic shipping service

The free Flat Rate Envelopes nullify the need to weigh 70 lbs and under shipments. 

  • Priority Mail

This service delivers in 1–3 business days. The duration for deliveries to arrive depends on where a package starts and where it’s going. 

The upsides to this service include tracking and insurance, free shipping boxes and envelopes, and the privilege of not weighing shipments 70 lbs and under. 

  • First-Class Mail

For this service, emails arrive between 1–5 business days, and small packages arrive in 2–5 business days.

The First-Class Mail is affordable for standard-sized, single-piece envelopes that weigh up to 3.5 oz. Also, for large envelopes and small packages weighing up to 13 oz. 

  • Media Mail

The shipping for this service usually takes 2–8 business days. Media Mail is cost-effective for sending media and educational materials. 

Still, there are some limitations on the type of media you can send in this service.

  • USPS Retail Ground

Shipping for this service takes around 2–5 business days. It is reliable and economical to ship less urgent deliveries and oversized packages. 

Upsides to this service are; the inclusion of USPS Tracking, the ability to carry packages that are too large for Priority Mail Express, and Priority Mail delivery. 

And you get to pay for your package based on its weight and how far it is going. You can visit the USPS website for more information about this service and other services.

How to Ship With USPS

Here, we will look at some steps to take to successfully send a package via USPS.

First Step: Get a Box

  • Make sure to get a box that is sizable enough to fit what you want to send safely.
  • Ensure to stick to standard sizes. 
  • Use a large box with enough room to provide cushioning for fragile items.
  • Ensure all old logos, shipping labels, and addresses are covered for reusing parcels.

NOTE! Boxes for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express come in standard sizes. You can get them at any Post Office location or order them online on the USPS website. 

Remember that packages must not weigh more than 70 lbs.

Second Step: Prepare Your Box

  • Ensure to arrange the goods in your box carefully to protect the goods. This is so that the package is intact on arrival. 
  • It will be wise not to carry prohibited items. 
  • Make sure your package is sturdy enough and has room for fragile items. 
  • Also, tape your box, so it closes perfectly on all sides. 

Third Step: Pack Your Box

  • Be sure to pack your box carefully to protect your goods so that it arrives intact.
  • Tape your box with 2-inch wide packing tape so it closes flat on all sides. 
  • The usage of cord, string, or twine is not recommended. They may get caught in equipment.
  • Do include a piece of paper with the destination address inside the box.

Fourth Step: Address your Package

  • The address style for a box is the same as for envelopes.
  • Always write or print address labels. 
  • Use ink that doesn’t smear so the address is not cleaned off. 
  • Ensure your return address, ZIP codes, and the recipient is included.
  • Put sender and recipient addresses on the same side of the box for easy visibility. 
  • Use a permanent marker for handwritten addresses.

Fifth Step: Choose a Mail Service

You should pick a service depending on how quickly you want it to arrive. Another thing to consider before choosing a service is the item’s size and weight. 

USPS has a variety of mail services with different delivery times, package sizes, and some extras. Use the one befitting to your choice. 

Sixth Step: Calculate and Apply Postage

  • Correct postage helps you understand the costs of your shipping. It helps your packages arrive on time. 
  • Shipping costs depend on several factors. 
  • You should enter your package information into the USPS Postage Calculator to get the prices for different services.
  • Be it stamps or printed postage, postage goes in the top-right corner of your package.
  • When you underpay on postage, it may be returned to you, or the person receiving it may need to pay the difference.

Seventh Step: Ship Your Package

Depending on your package size and where you live, you can request free package pickups or visit a Post Office. 

The size of your package has a huge influence on how you are to ship it. 

Some Factors Affecting USPS Delivery Time

While each service has its expected delivery duration, these durations are not guaranteed. Delivery may take less time than you expect or more time! 

Some factors that affect USPS delivery times are; 

  • The fluctuation of mail volumes every day
  • Traffic
  • Staff fluctuations
  • Natural disasters
  • Change in a carrier route and some other factors. 

Also, be aware that delivery time varies from one class of mail to another. One could mistake one service for another and, in so doing, experience a false delay. 

Mails and packages may take up to 5 days or more from the day of expected delivery.

Before contacting USPS for late deliveries, be sure to check the mail delivery standards or contact the shipper for more information. 

You may also track your delivery by going to the USPS Tracking page and inputting your tracking number for your item. 

Keep regularly checking for information about your package.

You should contact the shipper if you do not have your tracking number. You should also get your mailer if the delay is not from the shipper. The mailer is to provide the tracking number or help you track the item.

Finally, visit your local Post Office to address your concerns. 


You should expect your packages between 3 – 6 working days. In a situation of delayed delivery, be sure first to contact the appropriate authorities before USPS. 

Many factors may affect the delivery time, but do not fret. Also, be sure to package your item well for shipping. 

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