What to Do if Amazon Delivered to the Wrong Address

If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper, you might experience your orders not arriving at your doorstep despite being marked as delivered. Apart from your package being stolen, one common reason is that Amazon probably delivered your package to the wrong address.

I’ll share what to do in this piece if your package was delivered to the wrong address. I’ll also share what to do if Amazon delivers a package you didn’t order. 

Why Was Your Amazon Parcel Sent to the Wrong Address?

The mistake could be from your end, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be Amazon’s fault, either. But to be on the safe side, you have to, first of all, understand the reason for the lapse.

So before you take steps to tackle the issue, look into this list of common reasons why your package was sent to the wrong address. Let’s see them, shall we?

  1. You recently moved

You might have changed location recently and probably forgot to update your address! Yes. If that is the case, Amazon cannot possibly know your recent address. You’ll have to update it. I’ll show you how to update it in three quick steps.

  • Go to your addresses
  • Click add address
  • Update or cancel your address and set it as default by clicking the link below.
  1. Your apartment number wasn’t detailed correctly on the package.
  2. Your address was omitted from the street direction, like N. McCain Street vs. S. McCain Street.
  3. Messenger error.

Sometimes, the courier could misread the address and take your package someplace other than your address. It could also be that the Amazon Driver made a mistake when delivering parcels in your neighborhood.

NOTE! When writing out the delivery statement, always take the recommended address when it asks you to. That usually appears like, “You entered XX for your address. We found XXX as the proper address. Would you like to change it?”

How To Prevent the Wrong-Address Problem

To elaborate more on the wrong address issue, I’ll show you how to get your parcel to the right address.

  1. Follow up on your package constantly.
  2. Review your address twice before ordering an item.
  3. Have your package insured to safeguard it from getting harmed or missing.

What to do if Amazon Delivers a Package You Didn’t Order For

Amazon is quite clear on matters like this.

Third-party sellers are restricted from delivering unrequested packages to customers. Please contact Amazon immediately if you get a package you did not purchase, and it is not a gift.

When you get a package sent to you that they didn’t order, it may be because of a scam called “brushing.” “Brushing” deceptions occur when bad actors deliver packages to publicly accessible names and addresses.

If you get a package or item you didn’t order, first ask your friends and family or reach Customer Service to verify it’s not a gift to you. If you get a package sent to someone else, contact Customer Service.

If you verify that the package sent to you wasn’t requested by you or anyone you know, register the package online by heading to the Report Unwanted Package form. 

Amazon reviews reports of “brushing” and takes drastic action on sellers that disobey their policies, like suspending or withdrawing selling privileges, refusing payments, and involving law enforcement agencies.

You don’t have to return the item, though. I will explain why.

How to Confirm if Amazon Sent the Item to the Wrong Address

If you feel that your Amazon package was delivered to the wrong address, the following steps will help you greatly.

  1. Trace it to confirm the situation of your item. To do that, sign in to your Amazon account. Go to Your Orders
  • Select the order you want to trace
  • Select Track Package.
  1. Ask your neighbors if they got it in your stead. Yes. There’s a possibility that your parcel was misdelivered to your neighbor. Check with them.
  2. Check around the delivery area. The delivery man might have left the item or note of attempted delivery at your porch, garage way, or back door when you were not around.
  3. Reach out to Amazon. Once you’ve ascertained that your package was sent to the wrong address, you should contact Amazon customer service immediately.

What to do if Your Package Gets Delivered to a Wrong Address

There are a few technicalities to this question. It’s not always that straightforward. There is a unique case scenario.

If a Package Is Marked as Delivered But Doesn’t Show Up

Like I said in the beginning, there are limited things that can bring more complications than a package that isn’t delivered appropriately. And it gets worse.

It could be marked as Delivered on Amazon, but it’s not in sight. Not at your address or your neighbors. Amazon explains that there are times the package will reflect as delivered on the website as early as two days before it does show up.

If your parcel has not appeared but is indicated as delivered, here is what to do.

Keep calm for about 24 to 48 hours to see if the package arrives.

Call Amazon’s customer service to ask for repayment or replacement if you still cannot find the parcel.


Login to your account

Check up the Amazon’s Customer Service center

Select “A delivery, order, or return.”

Choose the misplaced item

On the right side, click “Says delivered, but it’s not here.”

Your Amazon Package Was Sent to the Wrong Address

What if the package actually turned up at the wrong address?

If that’s the case, contact Amazon’s Customer Service via chat or by phone. You can call for a refund, or they send you a replacement at no additional cost.

Will I Get a Refund if My Package Was Sent to the Wrong Address?

In most cases, yes. Amazon will provide the alternative of a refund or delivering another item to you. If you are a customer that frequently reports stolen or lost delivery, then it becomes suspicious…  There are two choices available to you to get a refund from Amazon: 

  1. Amazon website

You can either narrate your situation in the chatbot or:

  • Sign into your Amazon account
  • Move to Your Orders
  • Find your order
  • Choose Problem with order
  • Select Request refund
  • Fill in your problem in the text box
  • Click on Submit
  1. Phone call

Call 1-888-280-4331 and explain to Amazon’s customer support representatives that you would like a refund

Can I keep Amazon packages delivered to my house by mistake?

Actually, yes, you can! 

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states that you aren’t lawfully compelled to return merchandise that was delivered to you by accident. You are in your legitimate rights to hold it as a gift, and vendors cannot request that you pay for something you did not ask for.

But then, it becomes a question of your morals when you keep something you did not order. 

If the impression of holding unordered merchandise makes you uncomfortable, though, you can always contact Amazon to help you get the parcel to the right place. 


There’s a distinct Christmas Eve feel to waiting for your Amazon package delivery. The excitement reaches a crescendo when you get the tap on your door or push notification on your phone notifying you that your package has reached you. 

But if the delivery ever fails, you know what to do.

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