What to do if Amazon Package Says Delivered but Not There

Some of your happiest days may include hearing a thud outside your door and receiving an alert that your Amazon box has been delivered. However, what does it mean when you receive the same alert and open the door to find nothing?

What does it imply if your Amazon order shows it was delivered but never got it? What steps can you take to receive your package? 

I’ve got the solutions down here for you!

What Does It Mean When Amazon Package Says Delivered But Not Here?

When you receive a delivery notification from Amazon but have not yet gotten your package, it may just have been placed somewhere you can’t see it. Sometimes the package could have been stolen, in which case Amazon customer support will help you.

I’ll go through a number of the reasons why your Amazon purchase is marked as delivered even if you haven’t gotten it, how reliable Amazon’s tracking actually is, what to do if your box is missing, and a whole lot more. Read on!

Why is my Amazon Order Marked as Delivered When It Is Not?

Your Amazon order may show as delivered for several reasons, yet you may not receive it.

1. It is Kept at a Location You Failed to Check.

This has happened frequently: the client is told of the delivery; however, when they step outside to verify, the package is nowhere to be found.

So, what happened to the package? It was eventually discovered concealed in a corner beneath a snow shovel.

Customers may find it unsettling but respect the delivery person’s commitment to ensuring it is hidden from porch pirates.

2. It Was Probably Delivered to Your Neighbor.

Your package may have ended up in a neighbor’s mailbox the way people’s ordinary mail does.

Ask your neighbors if you are familiar with them and feel safe doing so if they have received your delivery.

3. It Has Been Misscanned and is Arriving Behind Schedule.

The product might have been prematurely scanned as delivered but is still in transit.

The deliverer will make every effort to provide it to you that day, although it will arrive shortly after the scan.

Some delivery businesses operate until 10 PM, particularly during busy holidays.

4. USPS Mislabeled the Package.

USPS occasionally handles Amazon deliveries, and it has been discovered that some of their carriers falsify delivery data to keep statistics looking good. When a carrier goes behind schedule, they will scan undelivered items as delivered instead of returning undelivered items to the Post Office. The items will stay on the truck overnight before being removed by the carriers the following morning.

This keeps the USPS’s delivery figures rising, allowing them to make claims like “98 percent of parcels are delivered on time.”

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How Can I Contact Amazon Regarding A Missing Package?

Check for Any Error in Your Shipping Details

It would help if you double-checked that your mailing address is accurate. It also helps to review your email and order confirmation to ensure everything was handled properly.

If all the details are correct, you can take the next step. If not, contact amazon customer care immediately.

Wait for 48 hours

If you fear you have a lost package, Amazon recommends you wait 48 hours. Sometimes the tracking data refreshes too soon. Additionally, carriers may deliver shipments as late as 10 PM.

You should check the progress of your order once 48 hours have elapsed. You can contact customer support if, after 48 hours, your order still shows as delivered but you haven’t received anything.

Go to the Customer Service Section of the App or Amazon.com.

You scroll to the bottom of the app by pressing the two horizontal lines in the bottom right corner. Customer Service should be located on the website in the upper-left corner, directly to the right of the two horizontal lines. You can then follow these steps.

1. Click on “Your Orders” in the main menu.

2. Click on “View Your Order History.”

3. Under “Order Details,” click on “Delivery.”

4. On the “Delivery Review” page, under “Date and Time of Delivery,” select the date that corresponds with when you thought the order was delivered.

5. On the right side of the page, under “Additional Information,” enter your email address and contact information (such as your phone number).

6. Click on “Submit Review.”

If you submitted a review for an order that wasn’t delivered, Amazon would contact you to resolve the issue in the same day or two. If you don’t respond within 48 hours, Amazon may mark your account as disputed and refuse future orders from that address until the dispute is resolved.

Will Amazon Issue A Refund For A Lost Package?

Amazon often issues reimbursements for misplaced goods, even though it loses $25 million a day due to lost or stolen orders.

You should have no trouble securing a refund after just explaining the scenario or, better yet, providing video evidence of the theft via a doorbell camera.

Just be sure to read the tiny print and submit your claim before the due date.

What Happens If Amazon Delivers To An Wrong Address?

If Amazon delivers your box to the incorrect address and the recipient is someone you know (such as a neighbor down the street), you can visit them and ask them to retrieve it.

The situation becomes slightly more challenging if it’s not a familiar face. The best course of action is to get in touch with customer service because you won’t know precisely where it is or if it has been stolen.

Hopefully, the individual who received the box will act similarly, and the business that prides itself on anticipatory technology will be able to connect the dots. If not, however, you can follow the procedures to get your order refunded and/or replaced.

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Bottom Line

Although Amazon has a reputation for offering top-notch order fulfillment services, it is not perfect.

If your Amazon purchase indicates delivered, but you haven’t gotten the delivery, there may be a variety of causes, such as a misread scan, a well-hidden package, or theft.

You can use the steps and recommendations above to determine what occurred to your delivery and how to avoid a similar problem in the future.

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