How to Return a Package FedEx

Have you ever changed your mind about an item shipped to you? Or have you received a product you thought was not what you wanted and needed to send back? Well, this piece will tell you how to return FedEx packages. 

To return a FedEx package, first, get your return label, gather your documentation(for international returns), pack your item, and drop off your package at a FedEx retail location or ask FedEx to pick it up. However, if you are fast enough, you may refuse the shipment, and FedEx will mail it back to the sender for you. 

How to Return FedEx Packages

Well, now that we know what to do to return packages we may not want, let us take an in-depth look at the steps we have mentioned in the introduction.

Get a Return Label

The sender will provide you with a FedEx return label when you want to return a FedEx package. This label may be free or may require a fee.

The sender could include a return label with your package or send an electronic version that you can download or provide a scannable QR code via email or text. 

You should know that your package(box) might have a FedEx prepaid shipping label inside of it, and you should first check for a prepaid return label. 

This could either be included as part of the invoice or placed separately in the box. If you find one, you do not need to print another label.  

If a return label was not provided, you could create one with the FedEx Ship Manager™ Lite or FedEx Ship Manager at

You should also check your sender’s return policies on their website to know what steps you need to take to return the order and print a shipping label. 

To obtain a return address and other delivery instructions, ensure to contact your sender. 

NOTE! One label is required for only one package being returned, including packages going to the same address. That means different packages require different labels. 

Gather Your Documentation

This step is strictly for international returns alone. 

It is normal even if the sender has already included the customs documentation with your package or sent the instructions electronically. 

However, if this has not been done, you are to complete and submit the required documents yourself.

Visit the FedEx International Shipping section for more information.

Pack your Item

You are to appropriately package your items, as this will help your shipment reach its destination in good condition. 

Most times, you will need to include items in their original packaging with every part and accessory. 

You must include the original invoice or print one from the retailer’s website. You would(or not) also need to complete a return form explaining why you want to return the item.

Then, carefully repackage everything in a strong enough box, preferably the original shipping box. 

You may use bubble wrap or other fillers to keep your items safe during the journey. Then tape the box closed and attach your FedEx shipping label.

If you require or need new packaging, you may choose from various boxes and packaging materials at a nearby FedEx Ship Centre location. 

Drop Off Your Package at a FedEx Retail Location

You can drop off your pre-packaged and pre-labeled shipments at any FedEx retail location or FedEx Drop Box near you. 

To find the nearest FedEx locations around you, do well to visit the company’s website and check out the “Locations” menu to see the option for finding a spot. 

The FedEx website would automatically detect your location and show you a list of options with their addresses, hours, and restrictions on what you can ship.

Ensure that your package(s) meet the weight and size restrictions (view the FedEx website for these restrictions). 

To make things convenient enough, you can have your package picked up directly from your home or office by scheduling a pickup online.

NOTE! Shipment must be properly packaged before dropping off or pickup.

Keep Your Packages for Pick Up

If you want to return bulky or inconvenient packages to drop off, you can have FedEx pick them up for you wherever you are. 

This usually comes with a fee, but there could be an exception;

If you have a prepaid FedEx Ground return label, you can use FedEx’s special pickup page to schedule a free pickup. This is, however, not applicable to FedEx Express packages.

For pickup at a fee, go to FedEx Ship Manager and visit the “Schedule & Manage Pickups” page. Enter the information about your shipment, and specify a pickup location. You will be charged the pickup fee.

You may cancel the pickup or change it if you need to. 

You may also call the number 1-800-Go-FedEx to request a FedEx pickup. When you dial the number, and the system prompts you, you should mention that you need a pickup. 

You may have to pay with your credit card, and having your tracking number handy will be good for you, too. 

You should get a confirmation code once the pickup has been set.

How to Refuse a FedEx Package

If you have yet to receive the package, you can refuse it before it gets to you. For this, you have to plan to be available when FedEx delivers the package. 

This will save you the stress of sending a return mail to your sender or seller. This method, however, depends on whether the delivery requires a signature.

If it does require a signature, do not sign for it; explain to the delivery person that you want to refuse the shipment. 

Without a delivery person, you can leave the package there and expect FedEx to consider the parcel as refused if nobody signs for it after three delivery attempts.

You can also try calling 1-800-Go-FedEx if your package is still in transit. This is to tell a representative that you want to refuse a package before it gets to you.

If calling before the package gets to you is impossible, you may try to catch the driver when they come to drop off the package.


Remember, to return a FedEx package, first get your return label, gather your documentation(for international returns), pack your item, and drop off your package at a FedEx retail location or ask FedEx to pick it up. 

But, if you are fast enough, you may refuse the shipment, and FedEx will mail it back to the sender for you. 

That will be all for returning and refusing FedEx deliveries or packages. 

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