How to Return Amazon Items

You place an order on Amazon and receive your package only to find that it is damaged or not what you ordered. Receiving a package that doesn’t meet your expectations is frustrating, especially when returning it is difficult. Luckily, Amazon makes returning items easy. However, regardless of how easy Amazon makes it, you will have challenges if you don’t know how. 

To return items on Amazon, all you need to do is to log into your Amazon account, click on orders, click on return items, state why you want to return the items, request a refund of your money or a replacement, choose a return method and follow the prompts.

Tips to Note When Returning Amazon Items

Give a valid reason 

Some package return reasons qualify for free shipping, while some don’t. Give precise and honest answers when filing a return order, as Amazon checks your package against your reason once it is returned.

If you give a wrong reason or a vague reason such as “not needed,” you might be charged a fee, or worse still, your Amazon account will be restricted for misuse. 

Here are some reasons Amazon provides you to choose from:

  • Wrong Product Description

This is when a product merchant does not describe the product accurately. For example, a deep red-colored product might be a pale red product when shipped.

  • Not Needed 

You may change your mind about the purchase of a product, and this is a valid return reason.

  • Purchased Mistakenly 

This can happen when you add a product to your cart without hoping to buy it, which can lead to mistakenly purchasing a product.

  • Damaged Item

A damaged item is a valid return reason on Amazon. When an item is faulty, Amazon does not charge a return fee for the return of the item.

  • The Item Arrived Too Late

A time-sensitive package, like a package for a birthday celebration that arrives late, can be returned.

  • Product Parts Missing or Broken

This is when a product with detachable parts has its components missing, broken, or unable to fit properly into the product.

  • Wrong Item Sent

This is when an item received differs from what was ordered. 

Return your package promptly 

When you are displeased with a package you’ve received, return it as quickly as you can. 

When you do, your package and refund are processed as quickly. Items purchased from Amazon have 30-day return eligibility.

Do not leave unwanted packages in your care for a long while. Return them quickly and in good condition.

Some items, though, cannot be returned

As much as Amazon ensures hassle-free returns, there are exceptions to the type of goods that can be returned. Items like ebooks, digital products, hygiene products, and products with safety seals.

How To Return Amazon Items

Here is a detailed account of how you can return Amazon items.

Log Into Your Amazon Account

The first step is to log into the amazon account you purchased the item from. Click on the sign-in option, then Fill in your account details, username, and password to sign in.

Click on “Orders” 

At the top right-hand corner of your screen, you’ll see the option to click on “orders.” When you click on “orders,” an option opens up for you to begin processing your refund.

Click on Return Items 

Beside each item you’ve purchased, you’d see an option to return or replace items. Click on the option next to the one you choose to return. Clicking on this option takes you further in your return process.

State Your Reason For Return 

Your reason for refund should be a valid reason as you’d be charged a fee for vague reasons. Right there, you have a list of reasons why you’d like to return the item. Reasons include defective items, late arrival, missing parts, wrong product description, and others. Pick the appropriate reason for your return. You can provide more details if necessary.

Request a Refund or a Replacement of The Item 

Here’s the point where you state if you want another item or you want a refund of your money. Click the refund button for a refund and a replacement button for a replacement. 

NOTE! If you request a refund, you can either get them to refund it to your Amazon account or your credit card.

Amazon affects the return to your Amazon account immediately. However, you are only permitted to spend the money on the account. 

If you demand that Amazon refund your money to your credit card, Amazon will immediately authorize the payment. USPS scans your package, but it could take three days or more to reflect in your account.

Print Your Return Label 

When you’re done requesting a refund or replacement, you will be prompted to print your return label. You can print it in your house or send it to someone for printing. 

Box Your Item

Tape the return label with tape and pack the item securely in a box. Ensure you include all the packages, including receipts, user manuals, and all.  

Return The Item 

Ensure the item is in good condition and properly packed with its label taped to the front. To return the item, you can drop it off at a physical location or get it picked up by the postal service. 

Once the item is returned, your return is successful.

Also, there are some stores where you can walk in and make your return for free and without a box. Moreover, you even get a reward for returning items at their store. 

Kohl’s department store has 1,150 locations across 48 states. Kohl’s department stores take your package, box it up, affix the label, and return it to Amazon, all for free. That’s just simply amazing.

Final Thoughts

Returning your Amazon package has never been easier. 

With the methods outlined above, you can return whatever item you need from the first step to the final step-all for free. Log into your account, click on “orders,” click on “return package,” then state the reason for the return, and follow the rest of the prompts.

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