In Transit Arriving Late Meaning

You’re waiting for a product you have ordered and have received a message from USPS saying “In Transit, Arriving Late.” 

What does this mean? Don’t worry – we have all the information you need here.

The United States Postal Service has earned a reputation for fast and reliable delivery services, but it is not perfect. Occasionally packages may get stuck in transit or be late. Although the USPS typically informs customers promptly about such delays, you may want more information about the cause of the delay.

The meaning of the status update “In Transit, Arriving Late,” what you may deduce from it, and the actions you can take to guarantee your shipment is delivered as soon as possible are all explained below.

What Does “In Transit, Arriving Late” Mean?

Let’s break down this tracking message from the USPS to make sense of it. “In Transit” is a message notifying customers that the shipment hasn’t been scanned for some days. It frequently indicates that the parcel is in transit between its place of origin and the post office.

“Arriving late” signifies that the package will be delivered after the anticipated arrival date because the carrier has noticed or encountered a delay somewhere on the route. Whether you are a sender or recipient, you possibly want to know when your package will arrive and why it’s taking so long. Here are some possible solutions and outcomes.

Why Was My “In Transit, Arriving Late” Package Delayed?

The post office fails to scan the items for USPS shipping. This means the shipment is still on its way to the intended destination but was not scanned correctly. So, the system is unaware of its location. USPS will update your package’s status the next time.

Package delays with the USPS can also arise when huge sorting facilities mix up shipments. Shipments can easily be misplaced since many products are sorted daily on conveyors. Your package may also be delayed because of the following issues, which the USPS cannot control:

  • Bad weather
  • Traffic accidents or roadblocks
  • Customs delays 
  • An unexpected increase in deliveries

When Will My “In Transit, Arriving Late” Package Arrive?

If you receive the message “In Transit Arriving Late,” it does not always mean your purchase will arrive late. Tracking will be updated with the next scan point, and you’ll likely get your package before the estimated arrival date. This is because the actual arrival date was not subject to delay, just a scanning error.

The most accurate way to track your order’s progress is by looking at the “estimated delivery date at the bottom of the tracking page. If your package does not have an estimated delivery date, wait for an update from USPS based on scanned time. Calling will usually not provide any additional information.

In most cases, your package will arrive on time, and if you bought something online and are waiting for delivery, you can check your purchase confirmation email to estimate how long it takes for orders to arrive.

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What to Do if I Get The “In Transit Arriving Late” Notification From USPS?

It is advisable to wait a while before taking action when you receive this notification. The package may be sorted or in limbo at a facility, and holiday rushes can cause a strain on post offices. You can file a help request with USPS if this is the case.

If a package is in “In Transit Arriving Late” status for more than seven days, you can submit a missing mail request to find it. The request requires information such as envelope size and content description. If the package you sent a customer is late, apologize and offer a refund if the package does not arrive within two weeks.

What to Do if this USPS Delivery Status Hasn’t Changed for More Than a Month?

USPS is responsible for delivering your package. If it has been missing for one month, you can request a formal inquiry to find out where it might be. This must be filed within 365 days of the original ship date.

When you want to trace or recover a lost package, you can use the Missing Mall App and monitor the status of your request. When an update is made, a notification will automatically be sent to your email address.

How Can I Check the In Transit Status of my Package?

If you’ve ordered a package from USPS and it hasn’t arrived yet, there are a few ways to check the In Transit Status of your package. The most common way to check is to visit the USPS website and enter your package’s tracking number. You can also call the USPS customer service line and ask them to check your package’s status.

Your Item is Delayed Indefinitely

The worst possible outcome of a delayed package is that it never arrives. This is rare, but it may still happen. If you send a package and USPS promises its delivery for a specific day, reach out to them if the package does not arrive on time – maybe another few days have passed.

You will have a higher chance of seeing your package by waiting five days or one week. Delay any further than that, and you’re likely not even to receive your package.

You may need to get on the phone or visit the post office to find out exactly how the USPS will remedy this situation. Most of the time, they will fully refund postage and expedited shipping services (as well as any extras) and then replace or reimburse whatever it is you shipped.

If you have a lost package, it’s best to take care of this as quickly as possible. File a report with the USPS or contact a local USPS employee for help. It will be quicker to resolve your problem, but follow up with them a few times to ensure the issue is solved.

Final Thoughts

If you receive an “In Transit, Arriving Late” status message from the USPS often means that your package will be late arriving. However, if you have not received your parcel on the expected date, you should contact USPS.


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