What Does Parcel Pending Mean?

Many times you get worried about buying items online. It could be because you are skeptical about which company provides adequate package management solutions, especially if you’ve had bad experiences with a package management company before.

In this piece, you will find out the suitable package management solutions you’ve been looking for.

Parcel Pending is a company whose aim is to provide adequate package management solutions for multifamily, commercial, and retail properties.

How Does Parcel Pending Work?

Parcel Pending provides several package locker systems, which include indoor and outdoor lockers, Locker lite, and refrigerated lockers.

It has a mobile app that you can use to access your delivery and receive notifications when due.

The company uses a Smart Electronic locker System that keeps your items safe and guarantees that you are the only person with access to your parcel. 

With this Electronic locker system, you can keep your deliveries till you are ready to get them following their terms and conditions. Still, you should pick up perishable items once they arrive. 

Couriers will deliver your package to the Parcel Pending Electronic Locker System when you purchase any item online. Immediately your items arrive, you will get instant notification of the delivery via email through a Parcel Pending USPS, text, or on the App.

They would provide you with a Parcel Pending pin or code, which enables you to access your locker by inputting the code into the screen, which is usually a 6(six) digit code.

In addition, Parcel Pending Electronic Locker System is not just limited to a particular size; they provide oversized lockers to accommodate any size of the package. This will make you trust them with the services they render.

Furthermore, a valid credit card is required for registration to make up for any registration or storage payments that may be made while you use the locker. A third-party credit card processing company will securely store your credit card information, but they do not keep it.

With this unique Locker System, you are guaranteed the safety of your parcel because without the unique code you would input to open your locker, the locker cannot be accessed. And this code is made accessible to you alone unless you disclose your code to someone else to get your package for you.

How Big Is The Parcel Pending Locker?

You might wonder how big this locker would be because packages vary in size; not every locker size can accommodate different packages.

The basic Parcel Pending Locker is 79 inches tall, 39.5 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. With this, it can accommodate a large number of items all at once. You would not have a situation where your packages are kept in different lockers due to insufficient accommodation. 

All your parcels will be kept in one locker to avoid any form of confusion.

Parcel Pending provides indoor and outdoor locker compartments. If your delivery is oversized, you will receive a notification with information on where to pick up your large package. 

How Does The Parcel Pending Locker Work?

When a Courier arrives at a property with Parcel Pending package lockers, they input their unique pin delivery pin at the lockers touch screen. After that, they would scan a package and indicate the exact size. The sizes of the lockers vary, and they are small, medium, large, x- large, and oversized. 

After indicating the size of the parcels, a compartment of the accurate size instantly unlocks. The courier will place the package inside the locker.

How Safe Is a Parcel Pending Locker?

It is more effective to store multiple packages in the Parcel Pending locker, preventing package theft. The lockers keep your items safe till you’re ready to pick them up.

Parcel Pending keeps your package secure and contact-free.

How Will I Pick Up My Package When They Arrive?

Picking up your package when they arrive is simple, and you must enter your Parcel Pending pin at the parcel lockers screen. 

You can also do that with the use of the internet. When you download the mobile App, you can scan the pickup barcode with the scanner below the kiosk screen.

With the mobile App, you can automatically open your box to open the parcel locker door. When the door is open, you have access to retrieve your parcel.

How Long Can A Package Stay In Parcel Pending?

Parcel Pending has a limited number of lockers, so your package can only be in the locker for just three days. If it stays longer than that, you would be charged a 3-dollar storage fee each day. 

You need to make time and pick up your parcel as soon as possible.

If your package is perishable, I mean, if it’s something that could decay, rot, or become unsafe to consume, you should not hesitate to pick it up immediately after you receive a notification of your delivery.


One important thing you should look out for when searching for a package management solution is how organized the company’s services are. 

When you are unsure of how efficient their services are, you can not trust them with your package because you can’t leave your delivery in the hands of an unreliable source, especially if your delivery costs you an arm and a leg.

Parcel Pending has been proven reliable and detailed in handling small or large packages. 

The chances of having your delivery stolen or damaged are slim as they have put out strategic measures to ensure that your delivery is safe and in good condition.

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