What is No Access to Delivery Location?

You may currently be staring at a message from the USPS stating, “No Access to Delivery Location.” Sadly, this implies that USPS couldn’t drop off your package directly at your provided address.

But then, there is no need to fret, and it is not that much of a terrible situation. Your package is safe. 

This piece will explain everything about the No Access to Delivery Location message, show you troubleshooting tips, what to do in such a situation, and give you tips on avoiding it in the future.

What is USPS’s No Access to Delivery Location?

If this notification is sent to you, it simply implies that the USPS attempted to send your package, but certain problems hindered the delivery.

This could be due to several reasons. Fallen trees could have obstructed the road, making it hard for USPS workers to reach your front door.

It implies you’ll have to find an alternative solution to get your hands on your parcel.

You may receive this message if there’s a problem with your mailbox. It could be filled with other mails, for instance, obstructed by your car, or likely damaged.

A likely reason is that the carrier couldn’t get to your home or flat because of a locked gate.

Other times, you’ll get this message because unavoidable issues prevent your mail carrier from accepting your address and delivering the package.

It could also be that USPS didn’t make any effort to deliver but put up a notice stating it did. This often occurs on weekends and in rural areas where mail delivery is more complicated. 

It could sometimes mean other difficulties – like renovations, road construction, or car accident. These can prevent them from reaching your address. 

If bad weathers or road delays are not the reasons, then it means USPS probably has no record of the mailing address utilized in sending your packages or mail.

And also, because carriers are outsiders, the pet dog may detect them as dangerous. So you may get a USPS delivery failed message if an untethered dog lurks around the premises.

Other than the explanations I have outlined, there is also a likelihood that you got the USPS no access to the delivery location if you have a problem with their address information.

Thousands of addresses are registered with the United States Postal Service, but the documents are never fixed. There are constant address changes and new registrations all over the country every year.

Assuming you reside in a new residence, street, or flat that has not been put in the USPS Address Management System, you’ll likely receive a ‘USPS delivery attempted no access to delivery location’ postcard.

If the No Access to Delivery Location notice were sent to you, your package would be returned to your local post office. 

If the courier does not meet the recipient at the drop-off address or no one is home to collect the package, they will return it to the sender after 1 or 2 tries.

Troubleshooting USPS Delivery Issues: for Customers and Businesses

If you regularly get the USPS no access to delivery location postcards or messages, the most significant thing to do is to learn how to troubleshoot USPS delivery problems.

So, if the USPS hasn’t been able to get your package to your address, what could be the matter exactly? 

You can follow any of the steps I’ve outlined below to help you lessen the likelihood that you will get a USPS “No Access to Delivery Location” notification.

  1. Buy a Camera(s) For Your Porch

Having a camera(s) monitoring your porch will help you in reviewing all activities that go on there. It isn’t just for security purposes but for situations like this one. 

You can review the camera footage to see if the USPS tried to deliver to your address.

  1. Call The Office

You could just call your local post office if you did not get any message explaining the reason for the no-access report. Then tell them that you got a delivery issue notification and inquire to know what you have to do to fix the problem. 

  1. Call The USPS Customer Service

You can also contact the federal office if your local post office cannot provide you with any tangible information. The hotline to call them is (800) 275-8777.

  1. Put Your Address in The USPS Database

If the No Access message was sent to you because the USPS automated system could not see your address in the database, plan a stop by the local post office. 

When you get there, they will request that you fill out a form with accurate information about your package and its location. They can then manually fill it into the USPS address management system.

  1. Utilize a Parcel Locker 

The USPS gives their customers parcel locker solutions. If they are accessible in your region or locale, you can request for your package(s) to be taken there for you. 

  1. Rent a PO box at The Local Post Office

You can also obtain a PO box if any of the above options are inaccessible to you. The only disadvantage is that it can be too small. 

So, you’ll have difficulty getting larger parcels, but if the packages you receive are small, then they are good options. Then again, you’ll have to be transported to the PO box office if it’s not near you.

  1. Utilize the Postalytics Mailing Service

Finally, postalytics is the best option you can utilize.

It can help you save money by confirming that your database is accurate before initiating a campaign.

You’ll agree that this is particularly significant if the mailing comprises direct mail because you don’t want to spend time with a mailing campaign mailed to addresses the USPS can’t send to.

Postalytics is one of the best tools for direct mail; it can assist you in avoiding sending your emails to incorrect addresses. 

With Postalytics’ address validation tool, you are required to import data from a file, which will check to see if the address is correct. 

  1. Inkit

Inkit Verify is an all-in-one address verification and autocomplete API that assists customers in inputting the correct information in website forms. 

As you type on the website, you can select from a list of corresponding addresses validated by USPS standards.

How to Schedule a New USPS Delivery After no Access to The Delivery Location Notification 

Before registering for a different delivery date, you can try to pick up your shipment the following business day at the post office location specified on the notification. 

You’ll have to give a valid ID photo and carry along the notice left by the carrier. Or, check up USPS.com and fill out the online form to request a redelivery. 

Ensure you check USPS’s regular business hours to fix the time around shipping times.

You can utilize USPS shipment tracking to locate your USPS package so you wouldn’t even have to reschedule delivery. Let’s talk more about that.

Ways to Track Your USPS Package

  • Direct Mail Tracker

The nicest means here is the Postalytics’ Mailing Service. 

Postalytics automatically generates tracking status codes for every mail recipient when a campaign is created. 

Postalytics delivery and response status codes carry data directly from the USPS Intelligent Mail barcode system for delivery, so you’ll know when they have been delivered. 

This is a wonderful way to track your bounce rates when dispatching mails.

  • Virtual Mailbox Service

This service also gives unique features, like mail scanning, forwarding, check depositing, and extensive package receiving services with all central shipping partners.

Virtual mailbox services can assist customers and businesses in reducing the amount of no access to delivery location notes. 

They enable you to track the mailing and understand when something goes wrong.


Even though it’s typical for frustration to grow with constant ‘no access to delivery location’ messages, you now understand what transpires before delivery can fail and how to fix it. 

Businesses should begin by validating their address database. Customers can stop by a local post office to talk to a clerk or postmaster for further information. 

Then, you will know the right step to take.

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