DHL Shipment on Hold Meaning

If you are expecting your order via DHL, you may be at a loss which steps to take when you encounter any difficulties.

Then again, if you get a notification that your DHL shipment is on Hold, you may not even know what it implies.

Today, however, I will explain all you need to know about what it means when your DHL shipment is on Hold and everything you can do about it.

What Does it Mean When my DHL Package is on Hold?

When a notification gets to you that your DHL shipment is on Hold, it simply implies that your parcel is immobile.

But there is no need to be worked up, and it is not a deadly situation.

Numerous things can bring about a holdup in your shipping, and when that happens, DHL gives you a notification by informing you that the shipment is on Hold.

However, it doesn’t mean the package is lost, or the seller revoked your order.

It just means that something has happened while your package was getting to you that is holding the delivery driver from getting access to your destination.

When this occurs, the best thing to do is wait.

Nevertheless, if you want to know more about the situation, there are some efforts you can make to find out more information. Let’s check them out.

Why is Your DHL Package Shipment On Hold?

When your DHL shipment reflects as “On Hold,” you might be lost for what to do. 

However, this message indicates that your delivery is halted at that moment and will not get to you when it was designated to arrive.

If the border between countries is shut, your package will be indicated to be “on hold” because DHL cannot get it across.

There are numerous other possible reasons for this problem, though. 

And because the “on hold” message is very scarce in detail, you might be bewildered and anxious, but the explanation is usually relatively understandable.

Your parcel may be “on hold” because of any of these reasons:

  • Congestion problems at ports
  • Alterations in the shipping routes
  • Absence of information about the person sending the parcel
  • Customs inquiries of the package
  • Lack of functional transport (trucks, planes, ships)
  • A natural mishap or maybe just bad weather resulting in pauses, or stops on the way
  • A strike or social turbulence
  • Waiting for a courier nearest to you to take charge of the package
  • Inaccurate documentation for the package
  • Closed borders
  • Route changes 

Things to do When That Happens

The following are steps to take when you discover that your DHL shipment is on Hold.

1. Reach Out to DHL’s Customer Service

One of the major things you should do is to call DHL’s customer service. You’ll require data about your parcel, like the tracking number and destination.

The agent will provide you with some news about the Hold and update you on what is done to get on with the transport.

They could inform you of the reason for the delay and estimate when the package will proceed with its journey to you.

2. Study The Route

Even though you won’t be able to identify the specific route the driver will follow, you can figure out a comprehensive idea. 

To do this, you’ll have to deduce if your seller keeps their stocks at their dwelling or a warehouse.

If it is a warehouse, you must find out where that warehouse is located. If they happen to have multiple warehouses, then your order may arrive from the one that is nearest to you.

Next, find where the DHL transit hubs are.

The seller likely wouldn’t utilize DHL if the courier is far from them because that will make shipping way more expensive.

Once you have found these two locations, you can develop a possible route to your location, which provides the means to analyze any problems in that area. 

3. Wait

Like I said a couple of lines ago, the best thing you can do when you are notified that your shipment is on Hold is to wait it out.

Your DHL shipment being on Hold only means it will take a little longer than you thought.

Nevertheless, you should contact DHL if you have waited a little longer than some weeks after the anticipated arrival date.

4. Revoke The Order

Ultimately, if the holdup will result in a problem or you won’t need the product by the time it gets to you, you can always terminate your order.

When you do that, DHL will get a heads-up not to send your package anymore, and they will then take it back to the seller.

How Long Will a Shipment On Hold Take?

You might wait for a few days, weeks, and sometimes months. I can’t give a precise timeframe.

There are some factors, however, that you can collect that could provide you with a near-perfect answer.

By checking for any holidays, border issues, or road construction operations around you, you can infer whether any impediments may be causing the holdup.

A vacation or road construction may only restrain your package from you for a day or two. A difficult border passing or social unrest causes an even longer holdup.

Contact DHL is the best way to deduce how long your held shipment will take to start moving again.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Prevent “On Hold” Occurrences?

There isn’t much that you can do regarding issues like these. 

It is mostly a result of problems that the delivery company has experienced while transporting your package. Hence it’s out of your control.

You can only ensure you are shipping legal products so that they do not get stopped by customs authorities at the border and that you have paid all relevant fees and filled in any relevant paperwork.

Does “On Hold” Happen Inside Countries Sometimes?

“On hold” is often an outcome of something going on at a border (e.g., exchanging couriers, passing through customs, etc.), but it is likely for this to happen in a country too. 

Doubtless, it can occasionally occur when the package is very near its planned destination.

This may be due to customs officials deciding to do another inspection or other complications. Road closures, weather problems, or strikes can all affect delays.

How Concerned Should I Be About It?

Most times, “on hold” shouldn’t bother you. Just wait a few days, a week at most, and it’ll get to you. 

It just implies that your package is not moving at that moment for any of the reasons I have stated above. The only time your package may be in danger is when it includes something customs officials do not like.

Does It Mean My Parcel Is Lost?

No, “on hold” doesn’t mean your package is lost. 

It simply implies that the package is not moving at that moment, and you should be mindful that it will perhaps get to you later than expected. 

Final Words

When you get the notification that your DHL shipment is on Hold, it only means that the driver is immobile.

The information is to notify you that there will be a little delay in delivery.

Even though you can’t do much about it, you can contact get in touch with DHL customer service to get as much information about your package as you can.

And if it gets too long, you can revoke your order.

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