USPS Tracking No Update Causes and Fixes

A frustrating task is waiting for a package and not knowing whether it’s being delivered or the delivery status.

The postal service processes thousands of packages daily, and most get a tracking update at least once or twice daily.

Sometimes, it seems as though your tracking status stops updating on some packages. There are different reasons for this, but fixing the issue is straightforward. Keep reading for details about what causes and what you can do about it.

Why is My USPS Tracking Not Updating?

USPS Tracking Not Updating

The Package Is Not Shipped Yet

This happens when you use an old tracking number or without a tracking number at all. Doing this will not help you to track the package until it comes to you.

The Package’s Barcode Is Yet To Be Scanned 

One cause of the shipment not being tracked is that the barcode was not scanned. To expedite the shipment process, wait until the package has been scanned, which can take up to 24 hours.

Every package shipped through USPS has a barcode that UPS infrastructure scans, repeated several times before reaching the delivery destination. The tracking system updates the status of that package as information becomes available from USPS.

Basically, this means your package has been shipped. However, it has not been scanned yet. So, you may need to wait until the next scan attempt, which might happen another day or time, depending on the shipping company.


During every promotional sale or holiday, they receive many packages to be delivered. Since the drivers don’t get enough time to scan every package, they send them directly to customers.

If your package is delayed during the promotional sales period, be patient. U.S. Postal Service will deliver it soon.


One reason the USPS tracking information doesn’t update might be due to snowfall, thunderstorms, or rainfall. These weather elements can cause your package not to be scanned and unable to be delivered, leading to your inability to track it.

Because this is a natural cause, it may cause traffic jams or other problems. As a result, packages are directly sent to customers.

Broken or Unscannable Barcode

Package scanning sometimes fails for unknown reasons, or the scanned product might have a damaged package barcode, leaving you with no way to track your packages.

Unknown Reason 

There may be an error in the system. This can arise for various reasons, such as system-level problems, and when there is no other way to fix it, you can wait for the system to revive or contact USPS directly. 

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How Do I Fix USPS Tracking That Isn’t Updating?

Here, we’ve listed a few quick and easy steps to find out what’s happening with your package if your USPS tracking hasn’t been updated.

Wait a Few Days

There is frequently no need to be concerned if the USPS tracking is not updating. As was already mentioned, there may be trivial causes, like a delay in scanning. So, if your status hasn’t been updated yet, it might be after a few hours. You can come back later and check I f anything has changed.

Before notifying the USPS about tracking not updating, it is generally a good idea to wait at least four working days. In a few days, your mailpiece might arrive, or, at the very least, the tracking information might be updated.

Contact the USPS Customer Service

Calling the Post Office directly is the simplest and quickest way to find out why your USPS tracking has stopped updating after drop-off. This action is also suitable for shippers who need to provide more information about their package or who have additional questions.

The USPS advises mailers to call 1800 275 8777 to speak with a customer support staff member. It allows you to thoroughly explain your situation, provide your tracking ID, and let them give you some information about your shipment. The on-call USPS representative might ask you to wait a short while or even promise to give you an update within 24 to 48 hours, and it depends on the tracking data that is readily available to them.

Contact 1800 344 7779 and 1800 222 1811 for technical assistance and delivery tracking. You can learn more about why your USPS tracking isn’t updating by calling one of these numbers or sending an email to the one listed on the USPS website.

Visit the Post Office Near You

Your best bet is to visit the Post Office if you want to speak with a postal employee about your USPS tracking not updating. Some people just prefer this option because they believe they will receive faster responses. It is also a good choice if there is a Post Office nearby your house or place of business.

But remember to bring your mailing receipt so the person at the counter can give you information about your package. They cannot locate your package on their system and give you its location without a tracking number.

The two options listed above are still viable if you don’t have time to go to the post office. Regardless, try to exercise patience as the USPS processes a sizable number of packages daily, so any inconveniences should be minimal.

Make Sure You’re Using the Right Tracking Number

If you want to know the status of your delivery, you must have the correct tracking number. Your status reads invalid or is not updated because we frequently enter incorrect tracking numbers by accident. Therefore, double-check your tracking number to ensure it has been entered correctly on the USPS website if it hasn’t been updated for a week.

Always check your USPS mailing receipt or confirmation email to verify your tracking number. It must be a long number—20 to 22 digits—free of any letters or symbols. Express Mail tracking numbers start with two letters and end with “US.” Additionally, remember that Express Mail tracking numbers only have 13 characters.

The delivery person may leave an orange slip on your doorstep if they cannot deliver your item. Additionally, this slip includes the tracking number that you can use to access the USPS website and learn more about your item’s delivery details. Keep an eye out for these notices if your USPS tracking hasn’t been updated in a few days.

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