In Transit to Next Facility Meaning and Fixes

You’re waiting for a USPS delivery and receiving an “In Transit to Next Facility” tracking update. What does this actually mean? Is the postal delivery to your door underway? And what should you do if it gets stuck on this alert? 

In this blog post, we will discuss what transit to the next facility means, how to fix the situation and everything you need to know about USPS in transit notification. 

What Does In Transit To The Next Facility Means?

When a package is shipped using the U.S Postal Service, it has to be sorted into its subsequent route. After that, it has to be scanned at every distribution center to update the tracking history on the official website.

USPS uses barcode scans to update the status of the package. It will display as “USPS In Transit To Next Facility” since it can no longer be scanned because it has moved on to the next stage of the process.

“In Transit” usually means that the package is headed to the next facility, the US Postal Service distribution center, which could be anywhere from the sender to your address.

So when you see the notification “in transit to the next facility,” your order is ready and on its way to the final destination. It is important to note that order delivery status can be changed with messages like USPS awaiting item, USPS, pre-shipment, or being processed through the facility.

There are several stages involved in the shipping process. So, let’s start with pre-shipment through to the “In Transit to the Next Facility” status.

Pre-Shipment: In Transit To Next Facility

The pre-shipment process happens at the beginning of the purchase, and the customer provides their information for delivery and clicks the “Purchase” button. This is also the beginning stage of the package being in transit to the next facility. 

Pre-shipping means your item has gotten to the USPS location and is waiting to be scanned by the local post office, so they have not received it yet. Once it arrives at their location, they will scan the package and send the tracking information.

Status: “Accepted”

Once USPS has accepted the package, it continues moving through the transportation infrastructure on its journey to make it to its intended final delivery location. This can happen before, at, or after, depending on the situation. 

If the shipment has been sent, you might see a message that reads “Package Received, Package Preparation Pending.” This message means the package has arrived and is being prepared for processing at the postal facility.

The next message you should see is the out for delivery and in transit message.

In-Transit To Next Facility

The third step of the process happens when the item is shipped to the customer. This step is marked as “the package is in transit to its destination.” Once the package is on the move, it should make it to its final destination by the time given by the delivery company. The customer is now given an expected delivery date.

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What to Do When the Status Remains on “In Transit to Next Facility”

Your mail item may be shown as “In Transit to Next Facility” for various reasons.

Keep in mind that when you receive the update, your mail will likely travel between facilities on a truck or an airplane. Any obstruction to the flow of traffic has the potential to delay it.

The following situations can result in the warning becoming stuck:

  • Adverse weather causing problems with transportation between institutions
  • Technical difficulties (malfunction of transportation)
  • Airport or traffic congestion
  • Transportation delays due to staffing issues

It doesn’t take much creativity to envision several scenarios where your postal item may be delayed and remain in transit for longer than you would prefer.

If your USPS Mail is stuck on this update for a long time, your first step should be to speak with USPS Customer Service. They will only state the obvious (“your package is still in transit). However, if the delivery schedule has passed, USPS will make efforts to look into the whereabouts of the item.

This may or may not require assistance from the sender. At some stage, however, you will want to consider filing a claim if the location of the mail item cannot be ascertained and might be lost.

Where Is My Package and Why Haven’t I Received It Yet?

Due to technical issues, USPS sometimes can’t fulfill the delivery by the expected delivery date. If your shipment hasn’t been delivered and it has been weeks, check with your local post office after the expected delivery date for updated postal tracking numbers.

They may be holding the order and can provide you with more details on the status of your packages. Some packages may also get misdelivered, and you should check with your neighbors to ensure they weren’t delivered to their doorstep instead.

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Can I Pick Up a Package From USPS Before Delivery?

If you can’t wait any longer and choose to do this yourself, then yes. It is possible to pick up your UPS package before delivery; however, the post office’s location and time frame may vary. If you want to pick up your package instead of waiting for delivery, it is best to call your local post office to see if they will allow it on or after the date and time stated on the delivery notice form.

If you use the USPS tracking feature, the information may not always be provided immediately after the delivery date, so try to do it before.

How Long Does a Package Stay in Transit?

The delivery depends on the distance between the sender’s address, destination location, weather, and your chosen service. The package usually arrives within 3-5 days after it is sent.

“In Transit To The Next Facility” How Long Does It Take?

It usually takes around 24 hours to reach your destination and sometimes a bit longer, depending on the distance. If it persists, contact customer support to see if there have been any changes recently with your package.

Final Words

The “In Transit to Next Facility” message is just a regular USPS update informing you that the package is on its way to the post office or next facility.

You don’t have to be worried as long as you continue to receive updates that show steady progress in the right direction.

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